New DJ Set online now! GORDERLINE on Groovebox by Schimmer Records (Stuttgart):


My new Gorderline mix is mostly about House music. From classic to rough, from poppy to acid. The selection includes older classics, edits and also some of my own productions, such as track number 2 “Orión” featuring Utopyk Jones from my new EP, the finishing track “Boxes” from my collaboration project with Traveller X “Aún No” that’s coming soon on Fulmen and also the starting track, my edit of Shep Pettibone’s “Deep Makeover Remix” of “Deeper And Deeper” by Madonna.

01 Madonna – Deeper And Deeper (El Fulminador’s Shepped Makeover Edit)
02 El Fulminador feat.Utopyk Jones – Orión
03 Marius – Jet Set (Ray Mang Bonus Beats)
04 Nyma – I Know You
05 Grey People – Lizard Man Dance
06 The Analog Session – N5 From Outer Space (Summer Remix)
07 Sanfuentes – Square Waves Over America
08 BOg – Terra
09 Firefly – Supernatural (NJM2 Edit)
10 Moses – We Just (Krystal Klear Bestival Edit)
11 Hard Ton – Useless Man
12 Alinka – Do What You Want (4PM Mix)
13 Aún No – Boxes
Viel Spaß!